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The War on Women Ramps Up.


"So, Arizona passed a bill stating that a doctor can refuse to disclose VITAL medical information to a woman if he thinks telling her means she might get an abortion. What this means is that women who get pre-natal testing to find out if there is something wrong with their fetus, that will impact either their health, or the health of the fetus, and if the doctor suspects that information will lead to an abortion, he can opt not to tell the woman."
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What Birth Control Is, Isn't, Does and Doesn't Do.


"For a medication that 95% of American women take at one point or another in their lives, an awful lot of America sure doesn’t seem to have even half an idea as to how it works. So I’d like to talk about what birth control pills do."
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Podcast #3

The first half of my conversation with Ann Hinch about birth control.


Pretty entertaining.
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I don't remember to link here very often, so I encourage you to bookmark the actual site: http://www.polimicks.com


"I’ve probably posted about this before, at least I’ve alluded to things like this both here and at GeekGirlsRule.net, particularly referencing Jade Raymond or Kathy Sierra, but blogging ain’t easy when you identify as a woman. Particularly when you hold any opinions that piss off a certain percentage of the male population. Basically, when you call some guys on their bullshit, or criticize things those guys like, or if you intrude on “guy spaces,” like I often do at Geek Girls Rule. When this happens it is not unusual to receive death and rape threats. In my case, I’m talking about things as frivolous as suggesting that female superheroes should look like actual women, and come in a variety of body shapes apart from tall and willowy with huge boobs (white/Hispanic/African-American) or short and willowy with slightly less huge boobs (adolescent or Asian)."
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"So, yeah, a cop pulls over a woman in the wee hours of the morning, gets an erection and ejaculates all over her. She filed a report, had the DNA tested, it was his, he finally admitted it and his attorney, Al Stokke, got him acquitted because, and I quote: ”She got what she wanted. She’s an overtly sexual person.”
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"I would like to put it to Mr. McCarthy that while he may have been a homosexual man in the 70s, I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt, and voice my opinion that he probably wasn’t a sexual predator in the 70s, homosexual or otherwise."
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"But when one of the other women started talking about how unsafe the whole thing made her feel, I was kind of flummoxed. I mean the guy was an ass, and he did keep falling into and onto people, but by and large, the scene is friendly, welcoming, and the pits, while they get exuberant, I’ve never seen anyone get hurt or a serious fight break out. But then I thought about it for awhile, and realized that my perception was pretty badly skewed, concerning what “that bad” means."
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"In his upcoming book, champion boxer Sugar Ray Leonard talks about his sexual abuse at the hands of a boxing coach. This, if nothing else, should dispel the myth that men who are sexually abused are weak. Leonard had a career as a professional fighter. At the time of his assault, he was training to represent the US in the Olympics, at the peak of his form. Having not read the book, I do not know the circumstances of the abuse, but I don’t think that really matters."

I have added a couple of links at the end, that do quote the parts on the abuse. And one of which, engages in the sort of nonsense female rape victims have to deal with all the fucking time.
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"But the big difference is, Anthony Weiner has never claimed to be a “family values” politician, and as such, has also never tried to curtail anyone else’s sexual freedom. Unlike Larry Craig of Idaho, and Roy Ashburn in California, Anthony Weiner has never actively tried to curtail the rights of anyone engaging in the same sexual practices he himself engages in. Unlike David Vitter, he did nothing illegal, and unlike John Ensign, he didn’t use his position to pressure an employee into being his mistress. Unlike Mark Foley, everyone was of age."
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"I’m going to echo Amanda Marcotte of Pandagon by asking, exactly what the hell do men think happens to woman’s bodies during pregnancy and birth? Some of them seem to be under the impression that it’s all daisy-strewn fields, bon-bons, strawberries and lounging about on clouds with a chorus of cherubim. How the hell has this man been married and had children with his wife, and NOT known what pregnancy does to a woman’s body? On top of that, how does he not comprehend how awful a violation rape* is, and how having to bear a pregnancy resulting from a rape is a violation no one should be asked to endure? Or how horrible to be forced to gestate a doomed child, or wait until a dead fetus poisons your body and kills you?"
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"So, the Tennessee Senate, in a stunning display of nineteenth century moral outrage, has passed the “Don’t say Gay” bill, barring teachers from discussing homosexuality in the school setting, even as part of units on sex education. Because as we all know, if you don’t talk to children about something, then they never discover it on their own. You know, like with sex, or drugs, or…"
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"SLUT IS A MEANINGLESS WORD!!!! It has no definition. NONE. It means nothing outside of its utility as an agent of oppression of ALL WOMEN. If you think that any woman, again, regardless of race, class, ethnicity or anything, escapes that word, you’re wrong. No one escapes it. Not when someone decides that’s what you are, completely and utterly independent of reality.

"We are all sluts, and none of us are sluts."
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"After the news bit I was most interested in, they started to talk about jobs, and the fact that the economy is still pretty much sucking like a big ol’ Hoover vacuum. Ok, this is mildly interesting. Fareed Zakaria is on discussing why the job market sucks, the fact that you can’t just count the people ON unemployment in the unemployment numbers, but that you also have to count those folks who’ve fallen off the rolls, and the people who are under-employed and making less than half the median salary, which amounts to about 24 million people all told."
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"No, really.

"You’re upset because the US media did something that is Standard Operating Procedure, and showed Dominique Strauss-Kahn being led out in handcuffs. So, in retaliation…

"You released the name of his accuser.

"How very sporting of you. I can see how you’d want to level the playing field here. I mean, he’s just a millionaire who heads the IMF and has homes in both the US and France, and she’s…

"A maid."
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In this episode, my friend Jenna and I discuss the Slutwalks, and what they mean to us, since both of us were labelled sluts at a very young age.

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"The film begins with a voiceover, a girl and her father reciting a Purity Pledge, while the daughter, probably around 10 or 11 years old, gets ready for a Purity Ball. She puts on make up, and a fancy dress and high heels, does her hair and has a tiara. The Purity Pledge talks about how she pledges her virginity to her father, and he pledges to protect that virginity until he (essentially) gives it to her husband."
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"I’m watching all of these women lifting far too little (trust me, you can tell from watching someone lift that they’re lifting too little, just like you can with too much), and using absolutely atrocious form. Now, I know it’s less likely that they’ll hurt themselves using that bad form, with those teeny weights, but it could happen. I had to resist the urge to walk around the room correcting form and telling them to lift more, and more slowly. But I know what reaction I’d get from a good 90% of them if I did that: “I don’t want to get big.”

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The iTunes feed is going to be messed up until I figure this Podpress stuff out, but you can always download it at the site. If you have any problems, let me know here, or at http://www.polimicks.com

I hope you enjoy it!
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The first Polimicks podcast is up!!!


My friends Lesley, Marcy, Tammy and I, with occasional interjections from my husband, talk about living fat in America, or at least our corners of it!!! Just Part A, because I could not get them to hush once we started talking. Not that I wanted to!
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"Because her gender has no impact on the fact that she's a terrible person. She'd be a terrible person if she were male because of her stances on women's rights, abortion, the environment, energy conservation and many other issues."


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