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Polimicks is a combination of "polemics," "politics," and my name. This is the journal where I discuss things that have the potential to get heated, controversial things, and hopefully, things that make you go Hmmmm? (My apologies to C+C Music Factory).

I have a moderation policy. If you're here to discuss, or even argue, in good faith and behave, you get to stay. If you engage in name calling, derailing tactics, or your argument relies solely on "Nuh uh!" then expect to be deleted or possibly banned. I'm kind of tired of jerks attempting to silence actual discourse. If you don't know what derailing tactics are, I assume, as this is a computer web site, that you have access to Google just like everyone else. Use it. I'll give you a few hints Straw man, Ad Hominem Attack, and Tone Argument.
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